Welcome and thanks for visiting my website! I am PhD candidate at New York University’s Department of Politics. My research focuses on studying distributive politics and distributive conflict from the perspective of International Political Economy. Specifically, I work on identifying mechanisms through which different sources of global economic change lead to domestic conflict, political change and redistribution. My work in these areas can be found here.

Currently I am also the Managing Editor for Economics & Politics, member of the Organizing Team for GSIPE Workshop, and Student Affiliate for the Identities and Ideologies Project at New York University.

Before my graduate studies I was a Research Analyst at the World Bank working on welfare measurement, and doing policy-oriented research on poverty and inequality dynamics. I also worked as a Research Fellow at the Inter-American Development Bank, with a focus on education and labor markets. Some of the work I developed at these institutions was published at Journal of Development Economics, Economics Letters, Review of Income and Wealth, Journal of Economic Inequality and Higher Education.